Tools that Work – Seesaw!

As a technology integration specialist, I am constantly on the lookout for digital tools that can be incorporated across the curriculum. With the market saturated with edtech tools, there is much that catches my eye…but not too many that have staying power. Yes, I will tinker with just about any new digital tool, but it’s often forgotten about in a matter of weeks, days! It’s true. I am over the shiny new, give me lastability! 

Things I think about when evaluating a new tool before I share it with teachers.  How will teachers use this? How often can teachers use this, is it worth their time? Can it be used across the curriculum? How much time does it take to set up? What is the workflow? Does it solve a problem or enhance something to the point where it is worth using?  Is it late-adopter user-friendly? Will even a reluctant learner use it? Exhausting!

Well with the Seesaw App, the answer is YES! I was first interesting with this tool to solve the problem of iPad camera management. Teachers would have loads of video and pics saved to their camera rolls, and they would just sit there. Well with Seesaw, teachers can now easily tag those pictures/videos to a student and add comments and even organize them into folders. They can then be pulled up by student name to share during conferences. Great for 1 iPad classrooms!

Seesaw is also a smart, easy way for students to show  what they know by capturing their work and saving to their own little portfolios…Independently!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.17.54 AM

I love that Seesaw has multiple features for student interaction such as photo capture, draw, and record. The interface is simple and straightforward for the little ones and the big ones!  You don’t have to rack your brain to think about how you are going to use Seesaw because you really can use integrate it with what you already do. Kids can take a picture of their pencil and paper work, and record themselves reflecting on their work or explaining their thought process. Snap a picture of a reading passage and read for fluency and articulation. One great activity is phonemic scavenger hunt. Spread out some letters and the kiddos move around taking pictures of the letters they find and naming something that starts with the letter. This could easily be enhanced by having students then use the word in a sentence.

Yeah, it just works. Oh, and if you follow the enthusiastic educators on #seesawchat, you know this one has some staying power!

I made a couple things to help with our Seesaw Integration. Feel free to use!

seesaw animals – Helpful handout with icons for the Seesaw animals. I cut them out and put them next to students names.

Seesaw Icons, Letters, & Numbers – Visuals for helping students navigate the app. (I hold them up so kids can see or I tape them to the board so they know which feature to use) I also included letters and numbers for scavenger hunts.




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