#Notatiste Karaoke & Why it Rocks!!

International Society for Technology in Education also known as ISTE. Every year, serious educators flock to this event to discuss serious things that are going on in the world of Edtech. I was not at ISTE this year, #notatiste. Now normally, missing out on a conference is a bummer. Not this conference! Us #notatiste folks got to partake in the ISTE fun. One of those fun events Karaoke. While the peeps at ISTE were belting it out on a real Karaoke stage, us #notatiste folks were belting it out on Voxer. We even had duets!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 3.37.53 PM

What is #notatiste Karaoke? Simply put…A group of educators belting out some serious tunes on the app Voxer.

Requirements? A phone or computer, a little bravery and a good sense of humor.

Can we really sing? Ummm, that’s subjective. But I will say we had a couple of people in there who could really throw down with the vocals.

Is good singing a requirement? Heck No! In fact, good singers really got picked on in our group. In a fun way.

How did we meet? Through the Notatiste Google group started by Jen Roberts and the Edumatch voxer group. Tracy Brady was the daring one who actually started the karaoke voxer group this year. I believe educator Craig Yen was the mastermind behind last years group. Which, by the way, was awesome as well!

Why you should join in 2017? Because we just have fun. We laugh and we talk smack. Working in such a serious and at times stressful environment, it was good to come together for a break and just laugh at ourselves. It’s fun when people can come together and just have a good time. No pedagogical talk necessary.

Can I lurk? Yes, lurkers welcome! Lurk and laugh with us. If you feel the spirit, feel free to jump in.

My one favorite moment. This is a tough one, but Dan Kreiness singing, “Baby Got Back” has to take the cake. Oh My Goodness! It was hilarious and so unexpected. I still laugh when I think about it.

My takeaways? Educators are fun people with the best sense of humors! Connected educators are the most welcoming, warm people ever! It’s cool to live on the East Coast and be able to sing a duet with someone in the Midwest while other educators from all over the nation listen and laugh with us. I would love to even do a version of this with the teachers at my school. What a great community building activity.

Final Word…I believe that I will stay connected with these educators for years to come because that is how powerful a good laugh is.

Oh and In case you are wondering, here was my playlist:

Kanye/Rihanna duet (⅘ seconds) with Jacqueline Rose

Blues Travelers –  Hook

Pitbull/Keisha – It’s Going Down

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