24 hours of FAb with #ECG2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 7.13.03 PM

The tremendous benefit and pleasure of growing and sharing with educators around the world cannot be understated. In less than 24 hours I have learned more about different applications for STEM, STEAM, Makerspaces, APPs for EDU, than many people can learn in a year. It is so refreshing to be in a space where you feel like the people sharing that space with you want to make you better. That is the power of connections. Today I literally learned in my PJ’s while cooking and washing clothes. Oh, and I also managed to take notes that I can share with the teachers who I work with. Granted, they are not the best notes because I was skipping around a bit, but what’s awesome is that I can go back to the ECG website and re-watch many of the events that took place and reinforce my learning.

I have been connected for a while but I am still amazing with how seamlessly people from all over the world are able to connect, collaborate, and conversate on these awesome 21st C platforms. Twitter, Voxer, Periscope, Google Hangouts, Appear In. It’s incredible. With the amount of learning that I have been able to do in this short amount of time, I have to ask myself…How can educators deny their students the opportunity to learn through this amazing technology? Better yet, how can we ensure that this technology is available to all so that no student has to be denied the opportunity to learn from connecting!

Events like EdCamp Global make it possible for everyone to learn something new and make invaluable connections along the way. Even small town gals like me who may not have the funding to travel to conferences can stay in the loop. So when I nod my head at my computer because I am learning something new, or when I share out what I know into my walkie-talkie app it is because the people I connected with are making me better and I will do all I can to return the favor!


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